Monday, July 28, 2014


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As we know, If content is King then backlink surely is queen. Because if you dont have enough quality contents then backlinks are the only way to get good google rank. Backlink work like a backbone for any website or blog, it helps to boost blog traffic as well as increase PR of your blog or website.

What is a Backlink and Why it is necessary?

These are the links on someone website/blog pointing towards your own blog. When Google finds your blog url on others website or blog, it gives you some link juice as a result your blog gets free traffic. But all backlinks don’t carry link juice.

Basically Backlinks are of two types
Do follow: These are the links which carry link juice.
No follow: These are the links which don’t carry link juice. However, No follow links are also good if you are getting them from high PR (Page rank) websites.

BackLinks with High PR
Back Links with High PR

Buy quality backlinks is free.

Today I am sharing a list of 500 doflollow forums, Hopefully you enjoyed this dofollow forum list. Dofollow forums are the great source to get backlinks. Backlinks that come from high PR dofollow websites are more effective as compare to nofollow.


Be active on these forums, definitely you'll get more traffic to your blog.

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