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How to trace mobile number location in india with exact location

How to trace mobile number location in india with exact location

Various times we get annoying miscalls from unknown numbers and we feel a need to trace mobile number location. There are various websites and mobile apps available which can help you in tracking mobile number details like location and name. In this post we are going cover best apps and websites which can help you in tracking mobile number location on Google maps in India and world wide. Currently there are tools which can help you in tracing the approximate mobile number location with name and place in India and world-wide but there are no tools which can help trace the location exactly. We are hoping for advancement of technology in future so that tracing the exact location of any mobile number is possible. We will be sharing the best ways by which at least we can get basic details about the caller behind the number like Name and State from where the person is calling. If you have a link with all available telecom operators in India you can get the exact details about the caller otherwise there isn’t a single database available yet which has details of each and every active mobile number in India. In this post we will be covering the best solutions which can give the best details about the number via methods like crowd sourcing. 

How to trace Mobile Number Exact Location with Name and Place in India?

Below is the list of Top solutions which can help you in doing so. As discussed earlier this solutions will be able to give you the best possible details of the annoying miscall as its not possible currently to get exact details. 

Solution 1: Online website for Mobile number tracing and tracking - 

There are various websites online which can be used to get the details of any mobile number. All you need is internet to access this website. Once you have access you can use them to get the desired details about any mobile number. – Global Phone Directory : -

Currently True Caller has details of more than 1000 Million mobile phone numbers from world wide. So it can be said that it has one of the biggest collection of mobile number details. All you need to do is visit and enter the number which you wish to trace. If details are available truecaller will provide them to you within a click. The details like Name, Location (Country, State And City) whichever is available will be provided. Along with this you get the Spam score of the mobile number. If you find that this website is hindering your privacy you can unlist your number from Trucaller database by visiting here. -

BSNL – Online Telephone Directory Search:

BSNL – Online Telephone Directory Search:

If you want to find details of any Indian land line number you can use BSNL’s official website to get the details of the number. All you need to do is visit BSNL Online Telephone Directory Search. Once you visit the link enter the number there and hit search to get the details. As the website will require city name, So what you can do is visit City Name search based on Code search and enter the STD code there. Once you enter the STD code you will get the city name. There are various other websites which will help you in tracing the land line number location or tracking the mobile phone number. The best online websites for doing the same are listed below: -

IndiaTrace - You can use this service to Trace Track Find Mobile number cell number location and Owner.

BharatiyaMobile - Trace any Indian Mobile Location with help of this website. -

Mobile Number Tracker – You can use this website to track the location of mobile number on Google Maps. This service will not be able to give the exact location of the mobile number. But you can at least get approximate location using this service.

Solution 2: Smartphone based mobile applications for Mobile number tracing and tracking

If you are having Android based Smartphone then there are various Mobile apps in Google Play store which can be used to trace the location and name of the mobile number. Here are the list of best Apps which can help you in doing so.

Truecaller - Caller ID & Block App:

It is one of the world famous app and is available for almost all kind of smartphone (Android, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian, etc.). You can use this app to get details like Name, Location and Country of the mobile number. This app has generated a world wide database containing details of mobile number using Crowdsourcing. That is when this app is installed on any users mobile phone it collects the contact list from the user and stores into their data base. 

                                                    One more feature of Truecaller Android app is that you can block the annoying callers. This way whenever they call you, call is disconnected automatically. They also give spam score which basically tells how annoying the caller is. So, if you get a call from unknown number this app will give you the spam score based on the score you can decide to attend the call or not.

It is also an Android app with more than 4 Million downloads via Google Play store. So you can say that it is one of the world famous Mobile phone tracker android app. 

This app gives you the basic details of Incoming and Outgoing calls like Country, State and City to which the mobile number belongs. You can also use this app to sort all contacts present in your mobile phone by location i.e. by Country, State or City. There are various other famous Android apps which can be used for mobile number location tracking and tracing. As we can not cover them all here we are listing few best apps here.

Mobile Number Tracker – It is one of the famous android app with more than 5 Million downloads.

Caller Location Tracker -India - This app is specifically for tracking the Indian mobile number.

Since the list of apps for tracking and tracing mobile number is long it will be better to check them all in Google Play Store.

Solution 3: SMS based applications for Mobile number tracing and tracking 

Now if you are among those users who do not have access to Internet and are annoyed by miscalls, you can use SMS based applications to trace and track the name and location of the mobile number. That is all you need to send a SMS to a Specific number and you will get the details of the number in reply via SMS.

@iTrueCaller – To you use this service all you need to do is send “@iTrueCaller <mobile number>” (without quote and angular brackets) to 9266592665. SMS charge for using this service varies from Operator to Operator. This service is provided by txtweb.

#TrueCaller – As last service to use this all you need to do is send “#TrueCaller <mobile number>” (without quote and angular brackets) to 5544 to get the details of the number via SMS. This is premium SMS service. So, you will be charged ranging form 1-7 INR based on your operator. This service is provided by Smart SMS.

                 Above were few methods to trace mobile number with exact location, name and place. If you have any other better method please comment those below we will include them into above list. Also if you have got any query you can comment it below we will try to solve it out.

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