Thursday, April 2, 2015


How To Make Money By Uploading Files

How Make Money Uploading Files

Internet is best way to get information and being touch to your friends. but do you you can earn money also with the help of internet. As we had tell you many method to how to make money online. But Today Alltechbuzz will show to new method of make money by uploading files.
Do you ever imagine What will happen if your uploaded files makes money for you? Well its sounds good as today I am going to tell you some top sites where you can make money via uploading your files . This suites best for WP Blogs where you can upload data! Now a days its being the best method to earn some bucks and each time you upload your files to their servers and someone downloads them, you get paid a certain amount. Also This scheme of making money online can be much helpful for those students who tend to have lots of project files, downloads and solved assignments etc. So lets check my top websites to make money by Uploading files in 2015 below.

Top Websites to Make Money by Uploading Files:


Docstoc is one of the best revenue sharing programs over the internet. It allows you to upload various file formats like XLS, PPT, PDF, XLS, DOCX, TXT and DOC etc. 

Note- Docstoc shares 50% of the revenue generated through Google’s Adsense program, where user can earn 50% of the cash generated from documents uploaded.


Depositfiles will pay you around 25$ per 1000 downloads of the files that you upload. The files can be video, audio, text files etc. The maximum upload file size is up to 2GB! Payments are made via PayPal, Check and Wire.


Sharecash is one of the leading pay per download network in the industry, started in early 2009. Now get around $1 to $10 for your each download at ShareCash. To download files, user must have to complete the survey based on his location. They support PayPal, Payza, Payoneer, bank transfer and even checks.


Crocko is another amazing file upload website that pays generously to its users with the rate of approx 1$ per 500 downloads. The only drawback is that the files which are not downloaded for more than 60 days are deleted from the servers. Therefore the solution is to get an premium account.


Uploading is an site where they pay up to $20 per 1000 unique downloads. If your downloaded file is unique, demanded and head over heels on the site, then enjoy the revenue. The payments are made easily via PayPal and Webmoney (minimum payout is $30).

Last Words:--
I hope now you can monetize your upload with these top websites. If you like this post don't forget to share.    


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