Thursday, April 30, 2015

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How To Crack Password From PDF Files in Windows

Now a day most of the pdf files are password protect pdf file, even mobile e-bills are also using password enabled PDF files. Actually it's very good thing for our security and privacy. But sometimes, it's become very irritating to us when we have to use those files again and again. We have to enter appropriate password on each time when we have to access these files. Definitely there are nos of software that can crack  passwords from our PDF files. But all of those are paid.

So here I come up with free methods. This tutorial will guide you how to crack the password from a PDF file so that you can access them anytime without entering the password again and again.

Which browser are you using? Other than chrome, then you must use google chrome browser because my first method is based on google chrome.

Method 1. *Crack Password from PDF files Using Chrome

Most of the people love google chrome browser because of its amazing features. To crack password using chrome just follow the steps-

1- Select your pdf file and drag that file and drop to chrome browser's icon.

2- Now google chrome will open your pdf file and it will ask particular password of that file. Just enter and hit enter.

3- Once the file is opened in Google Chrome successfully, press CTRL + P. A medium pop up will appear like this-

4- Change the destination to save as PDF file.

5- Now click on save. Give the proper name and file location to save.

That's it. Now whenever you'll open this pdf file, no need to enter the password. You can use it as simple pdf file.

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Method 2. Password Cracker PDF Software

In this method, you won't need to chrome. You can do it simply by using a software. So there is no dependency of google chrome.To know how to use it, just follow the steps-

1- First of all download and install it on your PC from below link.

Download BeCyPDFMetaEdit

2- Open it in your computer. Now, it will ask you to locate the password-protected PDF file. So follow the on screen instructions.

3- Now it'll ask you to enter the password so just do it.

4- Now save it with proper naming and desired location.

That's it you have done the task. Cheers!!

If you are chrome user then 1st method is perfect for you. But 2nd one is working for all. But I'll suggest you to use google chrome method means first one. So, this was all about removing the password from a PDF file using different methods. If this article was beneficial for you then share it with others may be they need it.

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